Syed Faraz Majid Ali


Welcome to my portfolio website!

I am a highly accomplished IT and Telecom industry professional with over 17+ years of experience in multinational organizations. Throughout my career, I have successfully delivered a wide range of projects in the IT and Telecom sectors, specifically focusing on BSS/OSS and VAS projects.
My track record speaks for itself, as I have been instrumental in driving digital transformation initiatives and implementing strategic projects. These projects were carried out for esteemed clients across Pakistan, the Middle East, Africa, and the APAC region.
My core areas of expertise lies in Service Delivery, Project, and Program Management and Operations Management. With my strong leadership skills, I have effectively managed cross-functional teams, ensuring seamless collaboration and outstanding project outcomes. By consistently surpassing customer expectations and meeting business objectives, I have built a reputation for delivering exceptional results.I am excited about connecting with fellow professionals and exploring collaborative opportunities to deliver outstanding outcomes. If you are interested in leveraging my expertise or have any queries, please feel free to reach out. Together, we can achieve remarkable success in the IT and Telecom industry.

Key Projects

Telepin Airtime TopUp Systems Swap

Crediverse is a cutting-edge Electronic Credit Distribution System designed specifically for Telecom operators.In this project, our objective was to seamlessly replace the existing Telepin Airtime Topup system with Crediverse System for a Mobile Network Operator (MNO) in the West Africa region. The scope of the project involved migrating over 70,000 wholesalers, resellers, and retailers agents to the new system.The key challenge was to ensure a smooth transition without any disruptions or negative impact on the MNO's operations. The project as delivered successfully within a tight timeframe of 4 months, on first attempt.Through skillful planning & execution, along with effective coordination with stakeholders, we achieved remarkable results. This seamless transition enabled the MNO's agents to continue their operations without any interruptions, ensuring uninterrupted services.This project opened up new revenue growth opportunities by driving increased profitability, revenue potential and overall customer satisfaction.

Crediverse Infrastructure Modernization & Geo Redundant DR Setup

A MNO in West Africa region required modernization of their business critical Crediverse System and improve resilience by setting up a disaster recovery site.The primary objective of this project was to upgrade the hardware infrastructure of the Crediverse system while ensuring uninterrupted service for live traffic. Additionally, a robust disaster recovery site at a different geographical location was set up to enhance the system's resilience and ensure business continuity.With meticulous planning and execution, the production hardware infrastructure was seamlessly modernized minimizing any disruption to ongoing operations. The upgraded system now offers enhanced performance, scalability, and reliability.

HxC ServiceCore System Swap

HxC SVCCORE is a robust product catalogue and provisioning system designed for telecom industry. In this project, our objective was to seamlessly migrate the SVCCORE system, which had been in service for 10+ years at the top mobile operator in Pakistan, and replace it with Opencode and Ericsson Chsys system.The crucial challenge was to ensure a smooth transition without any disruptions to the services provided to the 69+ million subscribers which involved migration handling around 1+ billion subscription records, making it a complex undertaking.This project demanded extensive coordination and expertise to navigate the complexities involved in handling massive amount of data. Team's dedication and technical proficiency played a vital role in the project's success.Through diligent planning, rigorous testing, and effective collaboration with stakeholders, all subscription records were migrated seamlessly to the new system.

HxC Layered Architecture

HxC (Hyper Cross Connect) serves as a crucial platform for the SVCCORE system. The project required to decouple the existing monolithic architecture of HxC and transition it to a layered architecture, consisting of Signalling, Database, and Application layers. The primary challenge was to achieve this transformation without disrupting the services provided to over 65+ million prepaid subscribers.The transformation involved implementing a distributed architecture across 20 servers, enabling enhanced scalability and performance while ensuring uninterrupted services throughout the transition.Leading from the front as Project Manager, the project team achieved success by delivering
layered architecture to top Mobile Operator in Pakistan and enhanced the scalability, maintainability, and performance of the HxC platform.
The project benefits achieved decoupling of the monolithic architecture into distinct layers improved the flexibility and adaptability of the system, enabling more efficient management and future enhancements.

HxC ServiceCore 3G and 4G provisioning

In response to the introduction of 3G and 4G technology in Pakistan, our client, a top Mobile Network Operator (MNO) , required fast-track project to early time to market launch of 3G and 4G services. The focus was on provisioning support for pre-paid subscriber services, including Voice, SMS, and Data bundles through the SVCCORE solution.This project presented unique complexities as it involved Multi Vendor Integrations, such as NSN NT-HLR and Huawei PCRF systems, via APIs. The objective was to achieve seamless 3G and 4G support for bundle offerings while working in tandem with the Ericsson Charging system for providing efficient provisioning functions & product catalogue.As a PM, I undertook this challenging project and delivered it with remarkable success within a record time frame. The collaborative integration efforts and technical expertise ensured the smooth launch of 3G and 4G bundles for our client.The project's success played a pivotal role in the MNO's early market entry with these advanced services. The introduction of 3G and 4G bundles enhanced the operator's service portfolio, providing their subscribers with enhanced connectivity and data capabilities.

NT-HLR Swap Project (59 Million Subs)

The project was delivered for leading MNO in Pakistan to address their demand for subscriber growth.The project involved upgrading the existing NSN-One HLS (HLR system) to the new NSN NT-HLR system. This upgrade was critical to support the operator's expanding 59 million subscriber growth and pave the way for future expansion and revenue increase.The project presented significant challenges as it required not only deploying new hardware but also performing complex migrations of over 50+ million subscribers while ensuring uninterrupted business continuity throughout.As the PM, I successfully lead team to deliver the project, meeting all objectives without impacting business continuity and enabling the MNO to leverage the enhanced capabilities of the NSN NT-HLR system and accommodate their growing subscriber base.

IN Charging System Swap

The leading MNO in Pakistan wanted to swap their incumbent NSN Intelligent network solution, with Ericsson Charging System.
The project involved challenging
This ambitious project entailed migrating approximately 40+ million subscribers, along with their services and account balances, making it a seemingly impossible feat within demanding timelines.
Despite the complexities involved, I took on the challenge and successfully delivered the project, exceeding all expectations. With vigilant planning, careful execution, and technical expertise, we ensured a seamless migration for the MNO.The project required comprehensive data migration, ensuring that each subscriber's services, account balances, and associated information were seamlessly transferred to the new Ericsson Charging System.Utilising advanced migration techniques and robust quality assurance processes to guarantee data integrity and minimize any potential disruption to the MNO's operations.